Hello & welcome to Beau Bows, a place where you can find beautiful, luxury, handmade hair accessories & gifts.

Our mission is to help females, no matter what age - from toddlers right up to their mamas and grandparents, find something that helps give them a much needed confidence boost and to help them feel truly beautiful inside and out. And what better way to achieve this than through something as simple as hair accessories, affirmation plaques or a personalised gift.



My business started in 2018 along side my full time job. In 2019/2020 I was pregnant with my 5th baby - yep you read that right, I’ve got 4 very sassy daughters and a handsome son. During my pregnancy I had a break from Beau Bows due to pregnancy related tiredness, running around after toddlers all day didn’t help and I was struggling with time along side my full time job and daily mom life - you know the days when you have a list of 173 things to do and you manage to complete 5 of them because you ran out of time. I was physically and mentally drained.

And then covid happened! 😬

I had my little girl in May 2020 in the middle of the first lockdown. It was a very strange, lonely time, I found it very hard mentally having a newborn baby whilst dealing with overwhelming anxiety about the global pandemic and trying to keep 4 other children entertained - thank god we had that amazing weather so they could burn off some energy in the garden (sorry neighbours)!  

In the July I started making hair accessories again for my daughters, this was for my own mental well being more than anything as I found it very therapeutic and I could forget for a moment about everything worrying going on in the world.

In August I reopened Beau Bows. In October 2020 I was asked to join the creative team for an award winning UK craft supplier - this was an absolutely amazing achievement for me and a dream come true. Work soon began to pick up since I had reopened and once my maternity leave come to an end in 2021, I was in a position to hand my notice in at my full time job, after working there for 11 years!

Now I could finally put my all into my business, it was a massive leap of faith and one I wished I'd taken sooner. It's really helped ease the stress of being a working parent and finding childcare, I love being my own boss, I love being able to work around my family. I love being able to take an impromptu day off every once in a while to go out and do fun things with my children and above all my family are so proud of all I've achieved in the last couple of years and that just feels great!

We really are a family run business, my daughters are always modelling (and stealing) my bows, my son is always complementing my work and my partner does our post office runs and is forever telling me I have too much glitter and fabrics….he lies, there is no such thing as having too much. 

So there you have it, our story.

Jody xoxo

Ps. Here’s a little behind the scenes sneak peek of our office….

We Love What We Do

As a mama to 5 children, I know just how important it is to plan for their future and for us to do our bit as a family to be more eco friendly and to help protect the beautiful world we live in.

Which is why I’m so PROUD to announce that with every single order you place with us on our website, 3 trees will be planted in our very own company forest....pretty awesome eh?! 🌳💕🌍

And we haven't just stopped there….ALL of our packaging, from our parcel boxes and parcel tape to our tissue paper, is now fully recyclable and eco friendly. So when you receive those pretty pink parcels you will know that YOU HAVE HELPED provide a more sustainable future for YOUR CHILDREN and their children and so on.


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